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Gottox/socket.io-java-client · GitHub

Socket.IO-Client for Java

socket.io-java-client is an easy to use implementation of socket.io for Java.

It uses Weberknecht as transport backend, but it's easy to write your own transport. See description below. An XHR-Transport is included, too. But it's not functional in its current state.

The API is inspired by java-socket.io.client.


  • transparent reconnecting - The API cares about re-establishing the connection to the server when the transport is interrupted.
  • easy to use API - implement an interface, instantiate a class - you're done.
  • output buffer - send data while the transport is still connecting. No problem, socket.io-java-client handles that.
  • meaningful exceptions - If something goes wrong, SocketIO tries to throw meaningful exceptions with hints for fixing.

Status: Connecting with Websocket is production ready. XHR is in beta.

How to use

Using socket.io-java-client is quite simple. But lets see:

Checkout and compile the project:

git clone git://github.com/Gottox/socket.io-java-client.git
cd socket.io-java-client
ant jar
mv jar/socketio.jar /path/to/your/libs/project

If you're using ant, change your build.xml to include socketio.jar. If you're eclipse, add the jar to your project buildpath.

Afterwards, you'll be able to use this library:

        SocketIO socket = new SocketIO("");
        socket.connect(new IOCallback() {
            public void onMessage(JSONObject json, IOAcknowledge ack) {
                try {
                    System.out.println("Server said:" + json.toString(2));
                } catch (JSONException e) {

            public void onMessage(String data, IOAcknowledge ack) {
                System.out.println("Server said: " + data);

            public void onError(SocketIOException socketIOException) {
                System.out.println("an Error occured");

            public void onDisconnect() {
                System.out.println("Connection terminated.");

            public void onConnect() {
                System.out.println("Connection established");

            public void on(String event, IOAcknowledge ack, Object... args) {
                System.out.println("Server triggered event '" + event + "'");

        // This line is cached until the connection is establisched.
        socket.send("Hello Server!");

For further informations, read the Javadoc.


  • with git

    git clone git://github.com/Gottox/socket.io-java-client.git 
  • with mercurial

    hg clone https://bitbucket.org/Gottox/socket.io-java-client  

Both repositories are synchronized and up to date.


to build a jar-file:

cd $PATH_TO_SOCKETIO_JAVA ant jar ls jar/socketio.jar 

You'll find the socket.io-jar in jar/socketio.jar


Please report any bugs feature requests to the Github issue tracker


This Library was designed with portability in mind.

  • Android is fully supported.
  • JRE is fully supported.
  • GWT does not work at the moment, but a port would be possible.
  • Java ME does not work at the moment, but a port would be possible.
  • ... is there anything else out there?


There comes a JUnit test suite with socket.io-java-client. Currently it's tested with Eclipse.

You need node installed in PATH.

  • open the project with eclipse
  • open tests/io.socket/AllTests.java
  • run it as JUnit4 test.


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