仅仅两周, Siri改变了我的生活

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It's incredibly easy to call Siri a gimmick—a toy that says funny things.


When my iPhone 4S came in the mail, I played with Siri and didn't think I'd adopt it as a means of doing things on a daily basis.

从我拿到邮寄的iPhone 4S那天起,我就和Siri玩了起来。其实我本没想每天都靠它来帮我做事儿。

But after two weeks with my new iPhone 4S, Siri has already changed the way I live my life.

但是用了新版iPhone 4S两周之后,Siri就已经让我的生活方式发生了改变。

Most importantly, Siri has made some very specific tasks a lot less annoying, which makes you feel good every time you use Siri.


Here are a few scenarios where Siri comes in most handy:


Many people sleep with a notepad on a bed table because important ideas always strike while you're trying to fall asleep. With Siri, I don't even have to turn on the lights. I just reach over to my iPhone, hold down the home button for a second, then say "Remind me to email Noah Davis at 8AM tomorrow" or "Add iPhone apps slideshow to my Article Ideas note."

很多人都会在床头桌上放个笔记本,因为很多时候,一些重要的想法总是在睡前跳到你的脑海。有了Siri呢,我甚至都不需要开灯。只要拿起我的 iPhone, 按住主页键一秒钟,然后说“记得明天早上八点提醒我给Noah Davis发邮件“,或是” 把iPhone 程序幻灯片添加到我的文章想法记录中。“ 一切就轻松搞定。

It's impossible to type accurately while walking down the street, and odds are you bump into somebody even if you're typing accurately. Siri enables me to dictate texts and emails while I'm walking. All I do is hold the phone up to my ear and Siri automatically activates.

走在大街上,想准确打字是不可能的,而且即使你输入无误,也可能会在中途撞上某个人。 在走路的时候,Siri 能帮我发信息,写邮件。我只要把电话贴到耳边,Siri便会自动开启。

Replying to text messages while driving is also really amazing.


I like to take naps, and sometimes to cook. "Set a timer for 30 minutes" and other such commands come in handy very frequently. Also, "wake me up tomorrow at 7 a.m." is great, too.

我喜欢打盹,也常常下厨。我可以让Siri “30分钟后提醒我”,这小指令简单又常用。我还可以让Siri “明早7点叫我起床”, 简直太棒了!

Using Spotlight to find a song you want to hear is annoying because auto-correct doesn't operate inside the Spotlight search field. And if I'm running or walking, I can't type anyway. "Play the song Someone Great" is the quickest way to hear the song.

使用桌面搜索功能搜索歌曲是很恼人的,因为自动矫正功能在搜索功能内部无法操作。何况我在跑步或者走路的时候也没办法打字。那么就来一种快速的听歌方式吧,告诉Siri "现在播放Someone Great "。

Need to find a quick email from somebody? "Show me emails from Steve Kovach" works like a dream.

想快速查找某人的邮件吗?那就对Siri说“给我打开Steve Kovach的邮件”,简直做梦般简单。

Quick calculations for random things, and quick look-ups for things I used to use Wikipedia for like "what is the population of New York City?"


Skipping Safari and just saying "Search for..." to get straight to Google search results.


Any time I'm on the street and need to find a place, it's easier to ask "Where is the Bowery Hotel?" instead of opening up Google Maps, typing, and tapping Search.

在街上找不到路的时候,无需打开谷歌地图,输入地点,单击搜索。只要问问Siri "Bowery宾馆怎么走?“ ,一切就搞定了。

When I think about setting a reminder (which is pretty often), I go straight to Siri. These nine bullets are scenarios where Siri has become my first option instead of a "forced" solution. Siri became the first option because it makes these tasks easier.

当我想设置提示的时候(我常需要用这个功能),也直接让Siri代劳。每当遇到以上这九种情形,Siri都是我的首选,我不会采用任何其它”被迫“的方式。选择Siri, 只因它让一切更简单。

And some things I don't use Siri for:


Asking Siri about the weather takes longer than simply tapping on the weather app. 


Finding restaurants on Siri is just plain dumb. Are you really going to pick a restaurant based on a "star" review? Windows Phone's Local Scout feature suffers in the same way. Using an app like Urban Spoon or Yelp itself is much more useful, and more importantly, faster. But if you need to find a Starbucks, then Siri definitely works.

通过Siri找餐馆也是很愚蠢的行为。你是不是一定要根据“星级”评分来找餐馆呢?其实Windows Phone 的 Local Scout程序也不是太好用。我比较看好Urban Spoon 或者 Yelp这些程序,使用方便,关键是效率更高。但是如果你想找一家星巴克,那么Siri是肯定可以帮你搞定的。

Moving around and altering meetings using Siri can be a bit frustrating. It's easier to just tap into your calendar and change something.


Looking forward, Siri has a ton of potential. Siri will eventually come to the Mac, and will come to an Apple TV if the company ever makes one.


Steve Jobs claimed that he had finally "cracked the code" for TV, and part of that code was interacting with your TV. Saying "turn on ESPN" is a lot easier than poking through a channel guide. Being able to say "Tape Hoarders later today" would be useful.


So the rub here is that while Siri can do a great many things, it's not always the simplest way to do those things. Common tasks like taking a quick note, setting a reminder, or doing a web search are things we do many times per day, and that's where Siri is a game-changer.


Where Siri excels is helping you during the moments when you really, really don't feel like typing or poking at buttons—which turns out to be a lot of the time.

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