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Excellent iPad Apps for the Lifelong Learner


In spite of being involved with technology in one way or another for most of my working career, I’ve never been much of a gadget guy. So, I was a bit surprised when I saw the iPad and immediately felt like I had to have one. Apple excels at marketing to our irrational side (hilarious video to drive home that point), and I guess the iPad was the path into mine.


Of course, plunking down hundreds of dollars for a highly breakable mobile device that doesn’t even feature a camera wasn’t an entirely crazy thing to do. The iPad is a great tool for lifelong learning, and since that happens to be the focus of this blog, here are the ten apps I have found useful so far as part of my iPad learning mix:(Note: You can find all of these simply by going to the app store on the iPad and searching, but I’ve also provided Web site URLs where available.)

当然砸成百上千美元在一个易碎的甚至不能当做相机用的移动设备上并不完全是一件疯狂的事。因为iPad是一个很棒的终身学习工具,而这就是这篇博客的主题。下面我将介绍十个目前我认为很有用的应用,它们是我现在iPad的学习组合:(注意:你可以简单的在iPad的app store里搜索找到以下所有的应用,但我也提供了可供下载的网站链接。)



Regular readers know I am a big believer in taking notes. I’ve been using the note-taking app Evernote on my laptop for some time, but since having it available on the iPad, it has assumed a much more prominent place in my learning mix. Partly this is a matter of convenience – using Evernote helps greatly with synching notes between the iPad and my laptop – but by having it on a mobile device, I am also in a much better position to take notes when I am out and about. At this point I am still using the free version, but an upgrade to the pro version may be in my future. http://www.evernote.com. Free.  Pro version available.

熟悉的读者知道我非常爱记笔记。有时候我会在我的笔记本上用Evernote的笔记软件,但自从iPad上有了这个应用,我就把它放在了我的iPad学习组合里的明显位置上。片面的说,这只是一个方便的问题——运用Evernote可以帮助我实现iPad和笔记本的笔记同步。然而通过它我可以在外出时更方便舒适的在iPad上记笔记。基于这点,我虽然仍然在用免费版,但将来可能会升级专业版本。 http://www.evernote.com.免费/专业版


MobileRss (新闻门户)

RSS feeds have become the backbone of my learning mix, so not having one on the iPad is unimaginable. MobileRSS is a free app that connects to your Google Reader account and puts into a user-friendly iPad form. The free version is ad supported, or you can upgrade to a no-ad version for $2.99. (So far, I have stuck with the free version and have not found the ads obtrusive.)  http://www.nibirutech.com/mobilerss-google-reader-iphone.html. Free.  Pro version available for $2.99.

新闻充电是我的必修课,所以如果iPad上没有一个这样的应用是无法想象的。MobileRSS是一个与谷歌读者账号相关联的方便iPad用户使用的免费应用。免费版附带广告,或者你可以花2.99美元升级无广告版本。(目前,我还在使用免费版,并没有觉得广告很碍眼。) http://www.nibirutech.com/mobilerss-google-reader-iphone.html.免费/专业版(2.99美元)



Pulse bills itself as a “visual news reader” and makes sure to mention on its download page that Steve Jobs himself referenced the app in a recent keynote address.  It’s somewhat new to my mix, but I am trying it out to address a particular issue. Namely, I like to separate out mainstream news and the “mega” blogs like Mashable and TechCrunch from my more focused RSS feeds. So, I’ve decided to chunk all of those into Pulse as a place where I can have a quick look at them from time to time. http://www.alphonsolabs.com. $3.99.

Pulse 标榜自己是“视觉新闻阅读器”,并在它的下载页强调了史蒂夫·乔布斯在最近的一个主题发言中援引了这个应用。虽然它是我新加入学习组合的,但我现在正试图用它来解决某个特殊问题。这个问题即,我喜欢把主流新闻和精彩的博客(像Mashable和TechCrunch)从我更加集中的新闻来源中分出来。所以我决定把它们大批的导入Pulse中,以方便我每次快速的浏览它们。

Free Books

Free Books(免费图书)

With 23,469 public domain books in its text collection (all from the Gutenberg Project, I am assuming), Free Books is well worth the price tag – free! You can also download the Free Audiobooks app, which claims 2,947 classics, for $1.99. The audio app has not been specifically formatted for iPad yet, but that doesn’t really matter much once you click “Play.” http://freebooksapp.com. Free.

Free Books 拥有23,469本公共领域的书籍(我猜全来自古腾堡图书计划),“免费”这个头衔它当之无愧。你也可以下载Free Audiobooks(免费有声图书)的应用,它号称有2,947本经典名著,价值1.99美元。虽然这个有声应用没有专门针对iPad用户的设计,但只要你点击“运行”它就可以顺利工作。http://freebooksapp.com.免费



Yes, that’s right – there is a Kindle app for the iPad. I tried out Apple’s own iBooks app initially, but you just can’t beat Amazon’s selection – or the somewhat reassuring knowledge that your eBooks will work on both an iPad and a Kindle.  I’ve already read a number of books on the iPad and have particularly liked the ability to highlight and make notes. Now someone just needs to come up with a great way to harvest those into Evernote. http://www.amazon.com/kindleapp. Free.

是的,确实有这么一个Kindle的iPad应用。最初我使用的是苹果自己的iBooks,但是你无法抵抗亚马逊书籍的诱惑和反复重申你的电子书能同时在iPad和Kindle上运行的宣传,iBooks显然不够用了。我已经用iPad读了很多书,特别喜欢划重点和做笔记的功能。而现在我希望有人能设计一个很棒的方法来将这些笔记导入Evernote。 http://www.amazon.com/kindleapp. 免费

Dragon Dictation

Dragon Dictation(声龙听写)

I’ve only played around with this one a bit so far, but the Dragon Dictation app is pretty impressive. You can easily record voice notes and then copy and paste them into other applications or post them to Facebook or Twitter. You can also easily e-mail them – which means they can be e-mailed to your Evernote account.  Now if Evernote and Dragon would just fully integrate so that the voice note recordings in Dragon would be automatically transcribed! www.dragonmobileapps.com. Free.

目前我只用了它一小段时间,但Dragon Dictation应用实在让我惊喜。你可以轻松的用它记录声音再将它们拷贝黏贴进其它应用程式或把它们发布在网上。你也可以轻松的通过电子邮件发送它们,这意味着它们可以邮寄到你的Evernote账户。现在如果Evernote和Dragon能够完全的整合,就可以实现Dragon上的声音记录自动被转化为文字记录。www.dragonmobileapps.com.免费

Seesmic or TweetDeck

Seesmic 或 Tweetdeck (视频在线微博平台)

You do by now think of Twitter as a learning tool, right? I’ve tended to be torn between using TweetDeck or Seesmic as my desktop Twitter client. I lean a bit more towards Seesmic because I like the way it handles multiple Twitter accounts, but I’ve always felt the TweetDeck interface was a bit better. The same applies, I find, in the iPad environment, but really you can’t go wrong using either for real-time updates on people and topics of interest. As far as I can tell, though, neither offers Twitter search functionality – a deficiency I hope will be addressed in the near future. http://seesmic.com/seesmic_mobile.  http://ww.tweetdeck.com/ipad. Free.

你现在的确把Twitter当做一个学习工具了吧?我倾向于认为TweetDeck 和Seesmic作为我的电脑桌面Twitter客户端,它们的表现各有千秋。我能通过Seesmic获得更多信息,因为我喜欢它能同时运行多个Twitter账号的功能。但我又总是觉得TweetDeck的交流界面更好一些。这些经验同样适用于iPad的运行环境,不过用其中任何一款都不会影响你实时的更新人物状态和感兴趣的话题。我所能说的是,这两者都没有提供Twitter的搜索功能,我希望这个缺陷能在日后得到解决。http://seesmic.com/seesmic_mobile.  http://ww.tweetdeck.com/ipad.免费



You can, of course, simply access Wikipedia on the iPad using Safari, but I think that iWiki does a nice enough job of optimizing presentation of the site and adding valuable features that it is well worth $2.99.  The easy saving of articles for offline viewing is perhaps the most valuable of its features, though it also adds some nice navigation tools and a simple way to see your search history on Wikipedia.http://comoki.com/iwiki/. $2.99.

你当然可以简单的用Safari在iPad上查询维基百科,但我认为iWiki成功的优化了维基百科网站平台展示并增添了一些颇有价值的特色功能,2.99美元实在物有所值。离线阅读文章可能是它最有价值的特色功能,除此外,它还增加了一些漂亮的导航工具和简单的历史查询功能。http://comoki.com/iwiki/. 付费$2.99



This one may fall a bit short of “excellent,” but I use Delicious so much as part of my ongoing learning mix that I can’t see being without it on the iPad. The Delicious app makes it possible to add a bookmark to your Delicious account from the iPad. The problem is that you either have to know the URL you want to add by memory or you have to cut it from another application, close that application, open the Delicious app, and paste it in. With a few relatively simple steps, you can make the process for saving URLs to Delicious from Safari a bit speedier, but it still leaves a lot to be desired. I think this app is worth having, but I hope it becomes a lot more user friendly in the future. http://delicioussafari.com/bookmarks.php. Free.


YouTube and iTunes

Youtube 和iTunes

I’ve lumped these two together and put them last because they are pre-installed on the iPad, so you don’t need me to tell you about them. It’s always worth emphasizing, however, what amazing tools these are for lifelong learning.  If you have never checked out Open Culture’s Intelligent You Tube Channels or educational Podcast Library, you now dial them up on your iPad. Free.

我把这两个写在一块,放在最后是因为它们都是预装在iPad上的。所以你不需要我来解释它们。然而,我觉得还是要强调它们是多么神奇的终身学习工具。如果你看了开放文化的智慧You Tube频道和教育播客图书馆,你现在一定在iPad上订阅了这些节目。免费

Granted, nearly all of the above could be done on an iPhone, and most of it also mirrors what I already do on my laptop, but Apple is definitely on to something by offering a device that is somewhere between the two.  As of right now, it is looking like Apple might sell nearly 13 million of them in 2010. So, I may be crazy, but it looks like I’ve got plenty of company – and hopefully there are many lifelong learners in the crowd.


What about you? Are you using any of the apps above on your iPad, or are there others you can suggest for avid lifelong learners? Please comment and share.




P.S. – Be sure to check out 10 Killer Content Sources for your iPod Learning Mix. These work on the iPad, too!


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