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Penis health involves more than erections. Find out what affects penis health, the most common penis problems and strategies to promote penis health.


By Mayo Clinic staff


Penis health is an important part of men's health — and it goes beyond your ability to get and keep an erection, ejaculate and reproduce. Penis problems can indicate an underlying health condition. In addition, ongoing health issues affecting your penis can impact other areas of your life, causing stress or relationship problems and harming your self-confidence. Know the signs and symptoms of penis problems and what you can do to protect your penis health.


What affects penis health?


Various factors can affect penis health — some modifiable and some not. For example:


Unprotected sex. You may contract a sexually transmitted infection if you have unprotected sex.


Aggressive or acrobatic sex or masturbation. If your penis is bent suddenly or forcefully while erect, the trauma may cause a penis fracture.


Heart disease and diabetes. Restricted blood flow caused by diabetes and atherosclerosis — hardening of the arteries — can cause erectile dysfunction.


Certain medications and treatments. Certain medications and treatments may affect your penis health. For example, prolonged use of antibiotics increases your risk of a yeast infection. Surgical removal of the prostate gland (radical prostatectomy) and surrounding tissue as treatment for prostate cancer may cause urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.


Smoking. Smoking doubles your risk of erectile dysfunction.


Hormone levels. Hormone imbalances, such as testosterone deficiency or too much of the hormone prolactin, can cause erectile dysfunction.


Psychological problems. Depression can cause a loss of libido. Likewise, if you experience an erection problem, you may be concerned that it'll happen again and develop anxiety or depression. This can compound the problem and lead to impotence. Trauma — such as child abuse, relationship difficulties and body image issues — and guilt can lead to pain associated with sex.


Neurological conditions. Stroke, spinal cord and back injuries, multiple sclerosis and dementia can affect the transfer of nerve impulses from the brain to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction.


Getting older. Testosterone levels decline normally as you age. This may lead to a decrease in sexual interest, a need for more stimulation to achieve and maintain an erection, a less forceful ejaculation and a need for more time before you can achieve another erection after ejaculation.


Piercings. A penis piercing can cause skin infections and prolonged erections.



What are the most common penis problems?


Conditions that may affect your penis include:


Erection or ejaculation problems. These might include erectile dysfunction, the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex, or priapism, a persistent and usually painful erection that isn't caused by sexual stimulation or arousal. Other concerns may include anejaculation — the inability to ejaculate — premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, painful ejaculation and retrograde ejaculation, when semen enters the bladder instead of emerging through the penis during orgasm.


Sexually transmitted infections. Various sexually transmitted infections can affect the penis, including genital warts, gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis and genital herpes. Common signs and symptoms may include painful urination, penis discharge, and sores or blisters on the penis or in the genital area.


Problems with the foreskin. A condition known as phimosis occurs when the foreskin on an uncircumcised man can't be retracted from the penis head. Paraphimosis occurs when the foreskin can't be returned to its normal position after being retracted.


Other diseases and conditions. A yeast infection may cause a reddish rash and white patches on the penis.  Inflammation of the head of the penis (balanitis) may cause pain and a foul discharge. Peyronie's disease, a chronic condition that involves the development of abnormal scar tissue in tissues inside the penis, may result in bent or painful erections. Penis cancer — which may begin as a blister on the foreskin, head or shaft of the penis and then become a wart-like growth that discharges watery pus — is also a rare possibility.



What are signs or symptoms of penis problems?


Consult your doctor as soon as possible if you have:


Dark bruising on your penis


Changes in the way you ejaculate


Bleeding during urination or ejaculation


Warts, bumps, lesions or a rash on your penis or in your genital area


A severely bent penis or curvature that causes pain or interferes with sexual activity


A burning sensation when you urinate


Discharge from your penis


Severe pain following trauma to your penis



What can I do to keep my penis healthy?


You can take steps to protect your penis health and overall health. For example:


Be sexually responsible. Use condoms or maintain a mutually monogamous relationship with a partner who's free of sexually transmitted infections.


Get vaccinated. If you're age 26 or younger, consider the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine — which is now available for men — to help prevent genital warts.


Stay physically active. Moderate physical activity can significantly reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction.


Practice good hygiene. If you're not circumcised, regularly clean beneath your foreskin with soap and water.


Know your medications. Discuss medication use and possible side effects with your doctor.


Pay attention to your mental health. Seek treatment for depression and other mental health conditions.


Stop smoking. If you smoke, take the first step and decide to quit — then ask your doctor for help.


Limit the amount of alcohol you drink and don't use drugs. If you're under the influence, you're more likely to take sexual risks.


Regular use. Frequent sex or sexual activity may help you maintain erectile function.



Remember, some penis problems can't be prevented. However, routinely examining your penis can give you greater awareness of the condition of your penis and help you detect changes. Regular checkups can also help ensure that problems affecting your penis are diagnosed as soon as possible. While you may find it difficult to discuss problems affecting your penis with your doctor, don't let embarrassment prevent you from taking charge of your health.


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本文将会带你找出影响阴茎健康的因素、最普遍的阴茎问题以及促进阴茎健康的策略. Penis health is an important part of men's health — and it goes beyond your ability to get and keep an erection, ejaculate and reproduce.


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人们常常以为阳痿(ED)的问题大多是因为心理因素或是生活过于奔放,人们也往往认为ED的影响仅局限在男人的“床上功夫”. 事实却并非如此,床上心有余力不足的背后,可能隐藏着更大的危机. 因为ED可能是一些其他健康问题的反映,或与一些疾病的发生和发展相关,比如心脑血管病、动脉硬化和抑郁症等. ED可能是心脑血管疾病的警示信号,这是由于阴茎上肩负着充血勃起任务的动脉非常细小,所以即使很少量的血栓也能对勃起效果产生很大的影响[1].


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健康下午茶第17期:性爱好处9大新发现. 佳人首发,转载时请以超链接形式标明文章原始出处. 1、秋天5大水果冠军挑着吃:. ①柚子:碳水化合物最低,糖尿病患者与减肥者佳选,每天食用量别超200克,一天一大瓣即可;. ②柑橘:维生素B1冠军,止咳化痰,吃多易上火;. ③鲜枣:软化血管,抗癌降压,一天吃8-10个即可;.


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如果你生活在发达国家,那么大部分时间你是待在温暖的环境中:封闭的空间,厚厚的衣服,能将严寒挡在外面的加热装置.  但人类历史的大部分时间情况并非如此. 即使气候温暖,人类也不得不面对寒冷的夜晚和严寒的冬天. 我们的代谢系统是在这种环境下演化而来的. 科学家正在研究,更自然的状态是否有利于健康. 其中一种理论认为,受冻有利于减肥.

研究发现寒冷健康有帮助 冷冻治疗成新疗法

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核心提示:“冷冻疗法”主要研究体温对寿命的影响,这是由日本一名科学家于1975年首先提出来的,他在观察风湿性关节炎病人时突然发现了低温对人体的正面影响. 不久后,医生们试着用冷冻疗法来治疗皮肤病、风寒、哮喘甚至打鼾,至今,这一疗法不断发展. 寒冷的冬季终于慢慢离我们远去,春天即将到来,一些人为之而庆幸,但是研究表明,寒冷有时却对人们的健康非常有帮助,而冷冻治疗也成了科学家研究的一门新课题.


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刘德华 写道 "斯坦福大学的David Kingsley和合作者们对比了人类、黑猩猩和其它哺乳动物的遗传密码,发现在黑猩猩和其它哺乳动物身上的510个基因片段在人类中是没有的. 这些缺失的几乎都是调控基因,它们对包括对生成老鼠那样有感知作用的胡须和阴茎骨负责. 而没有这些基因片段也让人类有所得,比如更大的脑部.


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根据发表在《性医学》期刊上的报告,研究人员发现兽交易生阴茎癌. 研究人员调查了432位18岁到80岁的巴西乡下人,其中118位有阴茎癌. 在这些癌症患者中,有35%的人报告曾与马、牛、猪、鸡及其它动物兽交过. 研究人员称,动物的生殖器粘膜与人类的相比有着不同特色,它们的分泌物也可能与人类体液不同,可能对人类是有毒的.


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手、脚、身体各个穴位所对应的内脏 (图).  下面这几张图显示了,咱们的手、脚、身体各个穴位所对应的内脏. 按摩的时候,对准穴位下力,才能对我们身体有益.  如图所示,比如我们的脚趾分别代表了我们眼睛和耳朵,而整个脚底就相当于人体身体的主干.  身体是革命的本钱,学会了自己给自己按摩一下吧.  肾是人体重要脏器之一,乃先天之本.


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马克·潘家罗, 2011年9月13日 . 异物:这条已死的黄鳝安详地躺在用来把它从张楠的膀胱中取出来的手术镊子旁边. 事情是这样的:就在张楠(音译,Zhang Nan)进行活黄鳝水疗以清洁皮肤时,一条有点失态的“蛇”对他的“小弟弟”产生了好感. 这种用活黄鳝水疗进行皮肤清洁的想法和伦敦水疗店提供的鱼足疗比较相像.


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    男人们(包括很多女人)很欣赏阴茎那 挺拔的干和漂亮的蘑菇头,可是 阴茎为什么会长成这副模样呢. 恐怕人们就不清楚了,让我们还是从进化论的角度看一看、侃一侃吧.     国外有人阅读了几十篇看上去很古怪的有关进化论的学术文章,然后分析人类阴茎为什么会长成这个样子的特殊问题,结果是很奇怪的,即人类普遍都有一些神经质,这一形状的目的竟是为了保持后代DNA的纯洁性.