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In the biennial Solar Decathlon house design competition, the sun's energy takes center stage, but this year the University of Maryland team created a house that also highlights our water usage – a characteristic that has no doubt helped the team jump to first place in the esteemed design-build competition put on by the US Department of Energy. Nineteen eco-friendly prefab houses are currently competing on the National Mall in the 2011 Solar Decathlon, and Maryland’s WaterShed house has led the pack through the first week, as judges awarded points in a variety of categories. Just yesterday, WaterShed took first place in Architecture! WaterShed was inspired by the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and focuses heavily on managing storm water, treating greywater and minimizing water usage. Constructed wetlands around the house and the inclusion of a green roof further help to increase energy efficiency and manage water runoff. We’re excited to see that the beautiful and thoughtfully designed WaterShed is on the road to win!

在“太阳能十项全能”双年竞赛中,太阳能是关注的重点,但今年马里兰大学团队同时强调了水源的使用——这点无疑使他们在备受瞩目的美国能源部主持的“设计-建造”竞赛中获得冠军。19个生态适宜的预制住宅正在国家广场举行的2011年"太阳能十项全能"竞赛中参赛,马里兰大学队的“水舍”经多项评比首周领先。昨天,水舍在建筑测评中获胜!“水舍”项目从切萨皮克海湾(Chesapeake Bay)生态系统中获得灵感,着重强调暴风雨水的利用,废水处理和节省用水。在住宅四周建造湿地,使用绿化屋顶进一步提高能量效率和组织排水。我们兴奋地看到设计上富有深度思考的"水舍"最终夺冠!

Before entering the house, the native landscaping and natural siding stand out. Maryland students made a conscious effort to source plants that could survive with little extra care while remaining local.


The house is designed to emphasize various connections and cycles. The butterfly roof helps direct rainwater into the constructed wetlands located along the entrance to the house.


The two modules that made up either “wing” of the butterfly are connected by a third, smaller module where the bathroom is located.


The bathroom has large windows on either side which has the effect to make residents feel they are in an outdoor environment.


The visual emphasis offers a subtle reminder about water usage and how it directly affects the surrounding environment.

视觉上的联系微妙地提醒了使用者水的利用和它对周边环境的直接影响 (很巧妙啊)

Greywater, that is water that comes from the shower, clothes washer or dishwasher, is recycled by the wetlands.


In seven days, microbes are able to filter out nutrients and the water can be re-used for irrigation or other non-potable needs.  


The other two “wings” of WaterShed provide private and social areas which are partitioned by the smaller, bathroom module making for a comfortable work and living environment.


The more private living quarters serve two functions thanks in part to well-designed convertible furniture. A working table transforms into a bed at night and several tables fit nicely under one another or can be re-arranged depending on how much workspace is needed.



The 900 square foot home is open and spacious, with an abundance of natural light. The kitchen also boasts custom built furniture that helps maximize the use of space.


In the kitchen, non-wheeled tables fit snugly over tables on wheels which also have storage space for the stools underneath.


The kitchen is divided from the living space by the "hyphenated" bathroom module. Energy efficient Miele appliances, such as the dishwasher and stove are not only resourceful but also fit in well with the modern, sleek design of the kitchen.


A patent-pending University of Maryland student design, the liquid desiccant waterfall is arranged into the wall and helps provide high-efficiency humidity control. The dark wood framing the design is made of locally-sourced oak.


Abundant deck space located directly off the kitchen offers additional space where residents are encouraged to interact with nature.


The team included a compost bin on the deck that is easily accessible from the kitchen. An edible garden is planted just off the deck and also up a vertical wall making it easy for residents to use the compost in their garden and harvest produce from the garden each day for use in the kitchen.


Further harvesting the sun's natural energy, the WaterShed solar thermal panel on the back side of the house comprises 60 evacuated glass tubes that use solar energy to heat water for domestic use. The 9.2 kilowatt photovoltaic panels on the roof also provide energy for the home.


Residents can access the porch from almost every room.


Sleek designs are found throughout the house creating a harmony between efficiency, modernity and simplicity.


Pipes help direct storm water from the roof into cisterns where it can be retained and used for irrigation purposes.


Maryland students intend for the highly efficient house to be suitable for young, working couples in the Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas.


While the upfront investment is slightly higher than other housing options, the long-term benefits of its efficiency combined with the increasing cost of utilities make the design a good option.


A map of watersheds across the United States



Maryland's architectural plan for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011.


Building cross section drawing done by University of Maryland students for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011.


Maryland's landscape plan for the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2011.


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译者 xu xiaochang. WaterShed was inspired by the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and focuses heavily on managing storm water, treating greywater and minimizing water usage.


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