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User Guides

  • Pentaho User Console Guide
    Reference material and task-based documentation on Pentaho Dashboard Designer, Pentaho Analyzer, Pentaho Interactive Reporting, and the content scheduling and authorization features in the Pentaho User Console.
  • Analysis Guide
    Guidance and theory on creating ROLAP schemas with Schema Workbench and Pentaho Data Integration; Pentaho Analyzer and JPivot user documentation; Mondrian engine and Pentaho Analyzer configuration instructions. Also includes an MDX element reference.
  • Report Designer User Guide
    Reference material and task-based documentation on creating, editing, and publishing reports with Pentaho Report Designer. Includes a complete chart property reference.
  • Metadata Editor User Guide
    Reference material and task-based documentation for creating, editing, and publishing metadata models with Pentaho Metadata Editor.
  • Pentaho Data Integration User Guide
    Reference material and task-based documentation that covers the majority of the functionality in Pentaho Data Integration.
  • Big Data Guide
    How to install and configure PDI for various Hadoop distributions, along with procedural documentation on how to use the Big Data steps and entries in Pentaho Data Integration.
  • Aggregation Designer User Guide
    Information on creating aggregate tables for Pentaho Analysis.

Tutorials and Walkthroughs


Installation and Upgrade Guides

  • Pentaho Business Analytics Graphical Installation Guide
    Complete instructions for performing a production installation using the Business Analytics graphical installation utility for Windows, Linux, or OS X. This method is recommended and encouraged for evaluation deployments, but is not typical for production installations.
  • Pentaho Business Analytics Archive-Based Installation Guide
    Deployment instructions for the premade Business Analytics archive packages in .tar or .zip format. Packages are available for all individual parts of Business Analytics. This is a common production deployment scenario for both servers and workstations.
  • Pentaho BA Server Manual Deployment Guide
    Instructions for building a custom BA Server J2EE WAR for Tomcat or JBoss. This is a typical production deployment scenario for servers.
  • Pentaho Data Integration Installation Guide
    Complete instructions for performing a production installation of Pentaho Data Integration for servers and workstations. Covers both archive package deployment and graphical installation utility execution. Installation to Hadoop nodes is also covered in detail.
  • Business Analytics Upgrade Guide
    Upgrade instructions for migrating from the previous major Business Analytics release to the newest. This guide also includes all of the content from the PDI Upgrade Guide.
  • Pentaho Data Integration Upgrade Guide
    Instructions for upgrading from the previous version of Pentaho Data Integration to the newest. This pertains to both the client tool (Spoon) and the Data Integration Server (DI Server).

Administrator Guides

  • Business Analytics Administrator's Guide
    Explains system configuration and administration tasks for the Pentaho BA Server and DI Server. (Please see the Security Guide for detailed instructions on implementing different user authentication methods).
  • Business Analytics Troubleshooting Guide
    A collection of troubleshooting topics from all other Pentaho guides. You may find this useful if you have encountered some kind of error but don't know where in Business Analytics to look for the root cause.
  • Business Analytics Security Guide
    Instructions and guidance for implementing a different user authentication method, or for implementing SSL on the BA Server. Covers Active Directory, LDAP, single sign-on, and custom JDBC authentication.
  • Business Analytics Performance-Tuning Guide
    Guidance and instructions for improving performance in most areas of Business Analytics. Covers modification of Business Analytics, guidelines for content streamlining, application server clustering, and advice on performance monitoring and testing.
  • Pentaho Data Integration Administrator's Guide
    Explains system configuration and administration tasks for the DI Server.

Developer Guides

  • Customizing Pentaho Business Analytics
    Instructions for localization and basic customization of the Pentaho User Console, including Pentaho Analyzer, Interactive Reporting, and Dashboard Designer.
  • Creating Pentaho Dashboards
    Design theory for creating dashboards that use Pentaho content. Covers Pentaho Dashboard Designer, Community Dashboard Framework (CDF), and basic guidance for custom JSPs.
  • Integrating With the BA Server
    Code samples and URL parameter reference material that shows how to interact with or embed (in an existing Web application) Pentaho Analyzer, Dashboard Designer, and Interactive Reporting.
  • Creating Action Sequences
    Reference material, guidance, and code samples for creating action sequences to run on the Pentaho BI Platform. Includes user documentation for Pentaho Design Studio.
  • Extending and Embedding Pentaho Data Integration
    Instructions, Java classes and methods, as well as Eclipse-based sample plugin projects that show you how to programatically extend PDI functionality or embed the PDI engine into your own applications.

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