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Product Vendor Description
Advanced Queuing Oracle Full-featured message queuing system enables coordination of inter- and intra-business applications. Unique integration with the database allows AQ to inherit the reliability, security, and integrity of the Oracle Database, and provides the necessary message management features for eBusinesses.
Arjuna Messaging Red Hat Reliable, secure, and scalable JMS messaging that has now been incorporated into the JBoss Application Server
GA MOM Gingerall GA-MOM is a transparent and scalable Messaging Oriented Middleware that enables communication between services, supporting applications and platforms. It supports asynchronous processing whilst reducing the number and complexity of interfaces by acting as a bridge at the application layer for any protocol or interface. In short it is a tool that enables the creation, deployment and management of both new and existing services.
MessageQ BEA Systems BEA MessageQ is easy-to-use, fast, and reliable message software that allows applications to communicate using the industry-leading queued message bus technology.
MQSeries International Business Machines See WebSphere MQ below.
MQSeries Willow Technology Willow develops and markets MQSeries software products under various licensing agreements with IBM Corporation. Willow also offers system integration, custom development, proof of concept and consultancy services for MQSeries.
MSMQ Microsoft Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ), also known by its code name "Falcon," makes it easy for application programs to communicate with other application programs quickly, reliably and asynchronously by sending and receiving messages.
NetWeave Vertex Interactive NetWeave is a broad based middleware product that allows companies to interconnect their otherwise incompatible legacy computer systems and to open them up to today's modern technologies of workstations, LANs, and SQL servers.
Nirvana PCB Systems Nirvana is a Java based message oriented middleware package supporting the publish subscribe model. It supports message persistence and XML DOM Documents as well as straight TCP communications and HTTP/HTTPS tunneling. Nirvana supports a federated namespace and instances can be joined together.
SmartSockets Talarian Talarian's SmartSockets is a rapid application development toolkit which enables processes to communicate quickly, reliably, and securely across different operating system platforms, through the use of messages.
SwiftMQJMS Enterprise Messaging Platform IIT GmbH SwiftMQ is a state-of-the-art, micro-kernel based JMS enterprise messaging platform with superior performance and scalability. Since its first release 7 years ago, it is now used by thousands of customers around the world, serving as a JMS messaging backbone for their mission-critical applications. It provides smart handling, a large feature set, and an unbeatable price.
TIB/ETX TIBCO TIB/ETX is a transaction-based messaging system that enables fault-tolerant guaranteed delivery across LANs and WANs. It extends the core TIB middleware platform to provide a transactional form of publish/subscribe that delivers quality, up-to-the-minute data without compromising security.
TIB/Rendezvous TIBCO TIB/Rendezvous software is a revolutionary developer's tool for building scalable, distributed applications on heterogeneous platforms. Distributed applications developed using TIB/Rendezvous software can exchange data transparently -- over local networks, throughout an enterprise, even across the Internet.
WebSphere MQ International Business Machines IBM WebSphere MQ is market-leading business integration software. It connects all your business software together to form one efficient enterprise by providing an open, scalable, industrial-strength messaging backbone. For a directory of WMQ related products and services, click here. IBM maintains a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about WMQ.
X-IPC Envoy Envoy XIPC is an advanced software toolset for the development of multitasking and distributed applications. Envoy XIPC provides extremely fast, fault-tolerant management of guaranteed delivery and real-time message queuing, synchronization semaphores and shared memory, all of which are network-transparent.
X Message Server Nextient Middleware X Message Server (XMS) is a lightweight, messaging-oriented middleware that is hardware-, operating system- and database-independent. Highly scalable, XMS is capable of operating on small data collection appliances or as the primary messaging server in large enterprise infrastructures. The middleware is an ideal real-time connectivity option for multi-point data collection and distribution networks, especially those running across geographically dispersed locations that require zero administration options. Exceptionally lightweight in terms of footprint and resource requirements, XMS does not require a database. It is uniquely suited for the embedded appliance market.


Please note that an increasing number of vendors are offering dual licensing options. That is, they offer an open or community source license and a commercial license with full support and warranties.

Product Vendor Description
ActiveMQ Apache Software Foundation Apache ActiveMQ is a fast open source Message Bus which supports many Cross Language Clients and Protocols and many advanced features while fully supporting JMS 1.1 and J2EE 1.4. It is an Apache incubator project.
JORAM Object Web JORAM incorporates a 100% pure Java implementation of JMS (Java Message Service API released by Sun Microsystem, Inc.). It provides access to a MOM (Message Oriented Middleware), built on top of theScalagent agents based distributed platform. JORAM is a free, open source initiative.
MQ4CPP sixtyfourbit.org MQ4CPP, or "Message Queuing for C++", is an open source implementation of enterprise messaging system, also referred to as message-oriented middleware (MOM). MQ4CPP enables C++ application threads to communicate with other threads locally or remotely through the exchange of messages. LGPL.
MantaRay Coridan A fully distributed peer-to-peer serverless communication & messaging solution, 100% pure Java, provides JMS & RMI APIs, integrates with JBoss, WebLogic & WebSphere. Offers guaranteed delivery, security and transactions. Supports TCP & SSL transport.
Open Message Queue Glassfish ( Sun) Open message queue is an enterprise quality, production ready, scalable messaging server. It provides a complete Java Message Service (JMS) implementation for message oriented system integration. In addition, Open MQ provides the additional enterprise features that are necessary for enterprise deployments, large and small. It gets its roots from Java Message Queue and provides all the features, functions and capabilities of the currently available licensed product: Java System Message Queue.
OSMQ OSMQ Open Source Message Queue (OSMQ) TM is an advanced, pure Java, asynchronous message middleware framework developed by Boston Systems Group. BSG has chosen to release the product as open source, using the GNU public license.
xmlBlaster xmlBlaster.org XmlBlaster is a publish/subscribe and point to point MOM server (message-oriented middleware) which exchanges messages between publishers and subscribers. The message is described with XML-encoded meta information. Messages may contain everything, GIF images, Java objects, Python scripts, XML data, a word document, plain text - just anything.
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原文: http://www.orientware.org/viewArticles.do?action=browse&columnId=29&id=22&flag=home. 消息中间件(message oriented middleware)是指支持与保障分布式应用程序之间同步/异步收发消息的中间件.


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Unique integration with the database allows AQ to inherit the reliability, security, and integrity of the Oracle Database, and provides the necessary message management features for eBusinesses.


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假设消息中间件没有提供“事务消息”功能,比如你用的是Kafka. (1)Producer端准备1张消息表,把update DB和insert message这2个操作,放在一个DB事务里面. (2)准备一个后台程序,源源不断的把消息表中的message传送给消息中间件. 允许消息重复,但消息不会丢,顺序也不会打乱.


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消息中间件——分布式消息的广播员. 消息中间件是一种由消息传送机制或消息队列模式组成的最典型的中间件技术. 通过消息中间件,应用程序或组件之间可以进行可靠的异步通讯来降低系统之间的耦合度,从而提高整个系统的可扩展性和可用性. Notify是淘宝自主研发的一套消息服务引擎,是支撑双11最为核心的系统之一,在淘宝和支付宝的核心交易场景中都有大量使用.


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RabbitMQ、ActiveMQ和ZeroMQ都是极好的消息中间件,但是我们在项目中该选择哪个更适合呢. 下面我会对这三个消息中间件做一个比较,看了后你们就心中有数了. RabbitMQ是AMQP协议领先的一个实现,它实现了代理(Broker)架构,意味着消息在发送到客户端之前可以在中央节点上排队.


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最近,淘宝开源了分布式消息中间件 Memorphosis项目,它是Linkedin开源MQ——Kafka的Java版本,针对淘宝内部应用做了定制和优化. 据了解,Metamorphosis(以下简称Meta)的设计原则包括:. 分布式,生产者、服务器和消费者都可分布. Metamorphosis的总体 架构图如下:.


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近来有很多网友留言:公司要做消息中间件选型,该如何选. 我的回答一般是:It’s a nice topic~如果随意回答一个的话显得很不严谨也不太负责任,如果严谨的回答的话一天就不用干活了. 消息选型的确是一个大论题,实则说来话长的事情又如何长话短说. 被问的越多越觉得需要整理一篇自己的观点出来,主要的目的将自己的经验分享出来,可以让别人少踩点误区,次要的目的是下次再被问到了可以直接甩链接而不用再打太极(如果你后者觉得这是主要目的话,那么我只能回答:橘生淮南则为橘,嘿嘿~~).


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    最近一直比较忙,前面设计的架构完成了基本的实现,最近工作重心发生了点转变,偷闲来继续前面的话题;.     这一篇博客准备聊聊消息系统,消息中间件对目前大中型互联网来说是非常重要的,在业务数据流动中仅次于RPC服务调用,担负着越来越复杂的网站业务从主流程上解耦的重要责任;.     从目前互联网对消息中间件的需求来看应该分为两种类型,一种是和钱相关的需求,一种是和钱无关的需求;和钱相关的需求消息的可靠性是放在第一位的,和钱无关的需求是速度放在第一位的,但这两种需求又是矛盾的,很难设计出一种既可靠又高效的系统,除非将两套方案捏合成一个系统,通过配置来选择不同方案,但从实现上说还是两种实现.

[转][转]使用 Apache MINA2 实现 Web 系统的消息中间件

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来源: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/cn/web/1108_sumeng_mina2/index.html. 本文将介绍如何使用 Apache MINA2(以下简称 MINA2)解决复杂 Web 系统内各子系统之间同步消息中间件的问题. MINA2 为开发高性能和高可用性的网络应用程序提供了非常便利的框架.


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有很多网友留言:公司要做消息中间件选型,该如何选. 消息选型的确是一个大论题,实则说来话长的事情又如何长话短说. 对此笔者专门撰稿一篇内功心法: 如何看待消息中间件的选型,不过这篇只表其意未表其行,为了弥补这种缺陷,笔者最近特意重新撰稿一篇,以供参考. 温馨提示:本文一万多字,建议先马(关注)后看.