访谈四九期:张君钢 InterView 49: Zhang Jungang

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Every time I question what photography is, I will visit Zhang Jungang’s website, then I know this is it. He is such a fabulous photographer that I’ve admired for a long time, and I planned for several times to do an interview with him, but was postponed all the time. Along with his new series, we interviewed him finally.

















或许有人说过诗歌是语言的炼金术之类的话吧,我想那摄影就是光的炼金术吧,它们所提炼的核心都是自由,感官的自由,想像力的自由, 美的自由, 心灵的自由……

William Eggleston,即使到现在他仍然是摄影的希望,摄影是什么?在他看似漫不经心的照片里蕴藏着千百万个答案……









A vulgar question first. Why named yourself as k1973 on the internet?
Ha ha it’s a casual name.

Do you remember the first time you picked up a camera?
I don’t remember when but I know I had no interest in photography at first, because I lent my camera to my friends to let them take my photos, and I thought myself loving to be photographed. Later when I needed some way to express myself I chose an easier one—-photography, compared with writing or music. This was the start.

Eh If you are asked to give a definition to photography, what would you say? How it’s important in your life?
As far as I am concerned, I have no idea, and this is why I am obsessed by it. Along with my life my understanding to it changs all the time, even every day. I don’t want to define it, or let it define me.

What do you think about good photography?
Good photography is surreal (not surrealist), mystical, private, indecipherable, and full of wonder. It may satisfy one’s desires, carnal or sexual, for example, the beautiful girls taken by one deceased short Japanese photographer, and the 80s middle school girls taken by Ren Shulin. I think, communist ones are also fabulous, like the works by Yasuhiko and Xu Cheng. In addition, good pictures may be hidden from others.

Which cameras do you often use? Please talk about them.
I often use M6, but I have a heart of fool (said by Li Jie). I never studied technology or data, and took photos instinctively. I didn’t understand what the camera experts were thinking, but I would ask them for help. Anyway, I held the same faith with any camera: by hook or crook.

We know you like poems very much. How do you see the relationship between photography and poem?
Maybe someone said that poems were alchemy of language. I think photography is the alchemy of light. The same thing they extract is freedom, freedom of sense, imagination, beauty, heart and …….

When it comes to “the person you admire”, who will you think of instantly? Please talk about them in your mind.
William Eggleston. Even now he is still the hope of photography. What is photography? You can find thousands of answers in his seemly casual pictures.

Tell us your favorite picture album all the time.
Now I seldom watch albums. Recently I was reading Proust’s works. They were so interesting that I was always lost in them. How marvelous if someone can put his pictures in his whole life into an album which is as majestic and intricate as In Search of Lost Time!

Every time you updated your website I felt it official as a clothes designer releasing his new series. The layout of the pages seemed to take some thoughts. Can you tell us your idea behind it?
The website is slowly forming our own history of photography. I want to freely and offhandedly present my understandings and feelings about photography in different time. There is no rule in them. The parts out of control are most interesting. I’m expecting a sense of losing control, no matter in taking a picture or editing it. I don’t want control.

Then say something about your new series.
They are some pictures beyond description. You can ignore their essence and just say some beautiful rhetoric, like, the alchemy of snow, ha ha……


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