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I put together a list of game engines available for JavaScript. It seems like there are heaps of those out there. And I’m sure I managed to miss some.

Since reddit is great and everything I thought it might be cool to try to make this a community effort. Having some sort of ready compiled list with a nice description of each engine would definitely help a lot.

If you don’t have anything better to do and want to help fellow redditors interested in JS game dev out, feel free to fork the list and modify it as you like. :)

Just to save some clicking around, here’s the whole list:

Game Engines

Name Latest Release Size (KB) License Type Unit Tests Docs Notes
Akihabara 1.3 GPL2/MIT Classic Repro Intended for making classic arcade-style games in JS+HTML5 3
Aves Commercial? Obsolete. Company bought by Zynga.
bdge Demo
Canvex FPS
ClanFX 0.0.1 Tile based
Cocos2D BSD 2D
Crafty 0.1 7.6 GPL/MIT Intended to be lightweight and modular 6
cssgameengine Aimed for beginners
Diggy BSD DHTML-based, abandoned
Effect Games
Flax Apache 2.0 Not released yet. Uses GWT and HTML5. Focus on web-based gaming for GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. 8
FlixelJS 2D Demo Port of Flixel (Flash) to JS.Announcement thread.
GameJs 2011-01 20-80 MIT 2D yes JsDoc and Tutorials CommonJs; integrates with RingoJs server (optional); similar to PyGame; Canvas only;
gameQuery 0.5.1 MIT Designed to be used with jQuery
GammaJS 1.0 MIT 2.5D Platform
gTile 0.0.1 (2008-07-21) Tile based
The GMP Javascript Game Engine 1.7.4 (2010-10-31) GPL2/MIT Emphasis on speed and simplicity, “easy to learn and use” 5
Impact Commercial ($99) 2D
Isogenic Engine Isometric
j5g3 GPLv3 Still WIP
The Javascript 2D Game Engine GPL Emphasis on gravity/physics/collision detection; uses HTML5 Canvas and ExplorerCanvas for IE support. Focus on limiting CPU usage. 4
Javascript Gamelib 2.10
jGen Isometric
jsGameSoup v74 LGPLv3
js-verge MIT 2D Demo
PropulsionJS 1.1 MIT Uses HTML5 Canvas element. 7
The Render Engine 1.5.3 MIT Cross-browser; extensive API; open-source. 2
Rocket Engine Commercial
Rosewood 2D
Sarien.net interpreter GPL 2D Adventure
SpellScript Online/MUD WIP
Tom’s Halls 3.0 Platform
Unity3D Commercial (free version too) JS backend
vegalib LPGL
xc.js BSD 2D

3D Engines

Compared to full-fledged game engines these might be missing some features (AI, sound, game logic, network etc.) and you might need to use some other libs to provide these features.

Name Latest Release Size (KB) License Unit Tests Docs Notes
C3DL 2.1 (?) MIT
Curve3D 1.0 BSD
CopperLicht 1.3.2 (?)
GLGE 0.5.2
JS3D 0.1a (2007-02-05) GPL
Pre3d Demo
Sandy 3D Apparently compiles to JS via Haxe
three.js MIT



Name Latest Release Size (KB) License Unit Tests Docs Notes
sprite.js VIEW Created with goal of having common JS framework for dsktop and web. 1




Name Latest Release Size (KB) License Unit Tests Deps IE SVG Docs Notes
Artisan.js 17 no
burst 56 yes Not maintained anymore
CAKE 211 no
CamanJS Basic filtering ops for Canvas
CanvasContext2DWrapper Method chaining for Canvas
canto.js 0.15 (2010-10-18) 56 yes
canvas_library Canvas abstraction
canvg 78.3 yes yes no
doodle.js BSD
easel.js 33 MIT no no no yes An attempt to create a Flash like DisplayList API for the Canvas element (making it pretty easy to manage a lot of items).
fabric.js 97 yes yes yes yes Demo
gury.js 10 no yes
HTML5 Canvas Library 12
Layered Canvas Library (LCL) 21
Mootools Canvas Library (MCL) 8 Mootools
Pixastic Basic image manipulation ops
Raphaël Designed for drawing vector graphics
Stackblur Fast implementation of blur for Canvas
toxiclibsjs LPGL2.1 Works great with processing.js.

Note that size comparisons may not be accurate due to compression (some libs don’t compress by default).



  • color.js – Color management utilities, MIT



  • PlayMyCode – Online game creation community. Uses Quby (looks like Ruby) and compiles to JavaScript.
  • Sphere RPG Engine – Designed for RPG creation. Uses JavaScript to script logic.
  • playtomic – Commercial service providing analytics, leaderboards etc. services for games. Provides HTML5/JS API in addition to AS2/AS3 ones.
  • Pixie – HTML5 based pixel editor. Demo



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If you don’t have anything better to do and want to help fellow redditors interested in JS game dev out, feel free to fork the list and modify it as you like.


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这里有一个网址收集了关于JS游戏引擎开发库的一个列表,转过来. 关于使用JS和HTML5做的一些小游戏,可参见《HTML5 小游戏展示》. Name Latest Release License Type Notes The Render Engine 1.5.3 MIT 跨浏览器; 大规模 API; 开源. 2 gameQuery 0.5.1 CC BY-SA 2.5 和 jQuery 一起使用 gTile 0.0.1 Tile based.


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Android游戏引擎 Lib9

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- - CSDN博客移动开发推荐文章
项目站点: http://www.andengine.org. 项目地址: http://code.google.com/p/andengine. 示例地址: http://code.google.com/p/andengineexamples. AndEngine 基于libGDX框架开发,使用OpenGL ES进行图形绘制.


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Godot 游戏引擎在 MIT 许可证下 开源, 代码托管在 Github 上. Godot 是一个全新开发的游戏引擎,其功能集类似知名的跨平台游戏引擎 Unity,可用于开发 PC、主机、移动和 Web 游戏. 开发者 声称引擎的 2D 和动画支持要强于 Unity,表示在功能和特性上没有其它开源游戏引擎能相媲美.

Mozilla开发Gladius 3D游戏引擎

- SotongDJ - Solidot
Mozilla正在开发名为Gladius的3D游戏引擎,它是Paladin项目的一部分,旨在将3D游戏引入Web. Mozilla已经开发了首个原型游戏RescueFox(工作在最新版Firefox),演示Gladius确能用于创建浏览器3D游戏. Mozilla开发者表示无意进一步开发RescueFox,但会继续开发其它3D游戏演示Gladius的进步.


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M.U.G.E.N格斗游戏引擎简介.   M.U.G.E.N  是经历了12年的(1999-2011)格斗游戏引擎(http://elecbyte.com),. 官方称已忘记它的缩写:本是一个射击游戏,但MUGEN日文意思是:无限 (unlimited). 稍微详细的信息推荐前往官网或wiki:.   本文分 4 大部分简介M.U.G.E.N(2011 v1.0)的机制:.

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