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Pierre Morad Omidyar – Ebay 创始人

Pierre Omidyar 创立了一个在线交易平台,人们可以在这里买卖任何东西。他们为用户设立了信誉级别,借助人性的力量维护这一切。Omidyar 的伟大在于对人的天性的洞察,他知道人们乐于购买任何东西,你认为是垃圾的东西,别人会当作宝贝。

Jimmy Wales – Wikipedia 创始人

Jimmy Wales 创立了世界上最大的百科全书,这个百科全书的词条,任何人都可以参与编辑,该站点创立于2001年,现在成了互联网上最受欢迎的参考资料来源。

Stewart Butterfield 与 Caterina Fake – Flickr 创始人

Stewart Butterfield 和他的妻子 Caterina Fake 创立了 Flcikr,一个在线照片分享站点,他们的设想是,人们需要的不再是影集,而是照片流。Flickr 于 2005 年被 Yahoo 收购。

Jonathan Abrams - Friendster 创始人

Jonathan Abrams 同 Cris Emmanuel 一道创立了 Friendster,帮助人们交友,他们从 Match.com 获得灵感。这个第一个走向主流的社会网络站点。用户在上面创建自己的资料页,写上自己喜欢的电影与书籍,同朋友以及朋友的朋友链接。

Niklas Zennstrom – Skype 创始人

Niklas Zennstrom 同别人一起创立了有史以来成长最快的沟通平台 Skype,为全球用户提供高质量的语音通话功能,他们的系统可以在 Winodws,Linux,苹果以及移动设备上使用。

Bram Cohen - BT 之父

如果说,Napster 是第一代文件交换服务,Bram Cohen 改变了文件夹换的概念并立即引来大量用户的追随。BT 使用了这样一个黄金定律,上传得越多,下载得越快。BT 将文件分割成若干小块,任何拥有某个文件一小块的用户都可以参与分享,这样,参与的人越多,下载越快。

Reid Hoffman - LinkedIn 创始人

Reid Hoffman 曾是 Paypal 的执行副总裁,他创立了社会网络站点 LinkedIn,注册用户可以维护一个自己的生意上的好友库,他们可以求职,买卖简历,或招聘。

Matt Mullenweg – Wordpress 创始人

Matt Mullenweg 创立了世界上最受欢迎的开源博客系统,WordPress,使用 WordPress 系统的著名站点包括 Techcrunch, Huffingtonpost, Mashable 等等。

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, 与 Jawed Karim – Youtube 创始人

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim met as early employees at PayPal. They later started the internet’s most popular video-sharing site YouTube which is broadcasting more than 100 million short videos daily on myriad subjects. When creating YouTube, the three divided work based on skills: Chad Hurley designed the site’s interface and logo. Steve Chen and Jawed Karim divide technical duties making the site work. They later split management tasks, based on strengths and interests: Chad Hurley became CEO; Steve Chen, Chief Technology Officer. A year and a half later, Google acquired YouTube for a deal worth $1.65 billion in stock.

Craig Newmark - Craigslist 创始人

Craig Newmark started a site that dramatically altered the classified advertising universe called Craiglist. It was an object of fear for newspapers who felt threatened by the free-for-all classified advertising site. It began as an e-mail list for Newmark’s friends in the Bay Area. Since then, it has grown into an online database for classified ads for those seeking everything from housing to romance.

Julian Assange – Wikileaks 创始人

Julian Assange founded a website dedicated to publishing classified documents stolen from around the world. He designed an advanced software for the Wikileaks shielding the identities of the thieves who steal these documents by completely erasing their identities before spreading the stolen documents to servers ‘all over the world’. As a result, no one can trace who’s given him what or when. The site depicts itself as the “uncensorable Wikipedia for untraceable mass document leaking and analysis” and has developed to be regarded as the most extensive and safest stage for whistleblowers to leak to.

Dick Costolo – FeedBurner 创始人

People generally check their preferred sites every now and then to see if there’s anything new. FeedBurner founder Dick Costolo created a news aggregator that automatically downloads an update that is visible in the places that interest you. An RSS feed, short for Really Simple Syndication, delivers those latest bits of media from their creator’s website to your computer. FeedBurner was later acquired by Google in 2007. Currently, Dick Costolo is Twitter’s Chief Operating Officer making twitter the next generation RSS.

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook 创始人

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook to help students in universities keep in touch with friends. The “status update” started its rebirth in Facebook, where user after user tell their extended network of trusted friends what they’re doing. They also show off photos, upload videos, chat, make friends, meet old ones, join causes, groups, have fun and throw virtual sheep at one another. The site, which is believed to have 500 million registered users worldwide, has only four remaining countries left to conquer: Russia, Japan, China and Korea, according to Zuckerberg. Facebook is now twice as huge as Rupert Murdoch’s MySpace.

Jack Dorsey – Twitter 创始人

Jack Dorsey created Twitter to allow friends and family know what he was doing. The world’s fastest-growing communications medium let users broadcast their thoughts in 140 characters or less and repost someone else’s informative or amusing message to their own Twitter followers by Retweeting. No one thought people would want to follow strangers, or that celebrities would use Twitter to tell fans of their activities, or that businesses would use Twitter to announce discounts or launch new products.

Joshua Schachter – Delicious 创始人

Del.icio.us is a more sophisticated multiuser version of Muxway, wherein his first implementation of tags. Joshua Schachter began del.icio.us as a way for people to store and share their favorite Web-browsing bookmarks online. Instead of organizing them himself, or even creating a standard taxonomy of categories, Schachter used something called user tagging-people simply labeled the bookmarks by any name they wanted, and eventually the group as a whole effectively voted on them by either adopting those tags themselves or rejecting them. And now del.icio.us has been gobbled up by Yahoo, which hopes to extend the tagging principle to all sorts of its services.

Jeff Bezos - Amazon 创始人

Jeff Bezos founded the world’s biggest online store known as Amazon, which was originally named Cadabra Inc. He made online shopping faster and more personal than a trip to the local store. The company now introduced Kindle allowing readers to download books and other written materials and read them on this handheld device.

40 People Who Changed The Internet via comsharp.com

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- Shuai - YesKafei Daily
互联网已经网住了地球,网住了你我他. 从当初简单的文字、图片、视频下载到现在的网络在线视频、社交网络时代,我们的生活因这40位而不断改变. 认识他们,回顾我们的互联网记忆. Pierre Morad Omidyar – Ebay 创始人. Pierre Omidyar 创立了一个在线交易平台,人们可以在这里买卖任何东西.


- 飞鸽 - 互联网的那点事...
HTML5,下一代用来制作网页的标记语言,它能不借助插件(如Adobe的Flash)的情况下在浏览器中播放视频的能力已引起人们的关注. 但是其鲜为人知的那些特性最终或许会对互联网体验起到巨大的影响. 专家说HTML5在屏幕背后处理的事情——如网络通信和浏览程序储存特性——能让网页加载更快(特别是在速度比较慢的移动设备上),能让互联网应用运行的更流畅,甚至能让浏览器更容易的读取旧的网页.


- - 人人都是产品经理
12月4日4G终于发了第一批牌照,工信部对于三个视如己出的运营商兄弟,毫无悬念地给了三张TD-LTE牌照,让3G时代的各一张不同的牌照成为了历史. 4G时代正式到来,2014年的移动互联网,又是一片全新的光景. 现在市场上主流的手游分为两个类型. 这两种类型的手游都有共同点就是花费的手机流量较少,需要的时间较少,很多情况下是一种单机的操作,在完成一局或者一次战斗以后需要上传数据到服务器的时候才会消耗流量,适应于2G,3G时代.

可能会改变互联网的Chrome Web Intents

- caixin - GeekPark 捕风捉影
2011年8月4日,Chrome 团队宣布将支持一个新的技术—— Web Intents. 这个技术未来可能会极大的影响网络应用和浏览器. 什么是 Web Intents. 如果您用过 Android 手机可能就会对这个技术有所了解. Android Intents 可以让两个独立的程序之前通信互相,神奇的是这两个程序中的任何一个程序可能不知道它在和谁通信.

40 位改变了互联网的人(上)

- 雪深 - 博客园新闻频道
互联网让世界紧密连接在一起,Web 改变了我们的阅读,沟通,娱乐,购物,社交,以及经商的习惯,社会网络甚至让我们找回了儿时的玩伴. 互联网的历史伴随着各种伟大的想法以及对这些想法的实现,而它们的背后,是一些曾经,正在或将要改变互联网的人. Vint Cerf 与 Bob Kahn -互联网之父. 互联网之父 Vint Cerf 连同 Bob Kahn 创建了 TCP/IP 通讯协议,有了它,全球的计算机可以相互交流.


- - 科技视点 - 果壳网
(文 / 理查德·普赖斯)几乎所有的技术与医学发明都源于科学发现. 世界上绝大部分的创新都得益于科学的驱动;科学发展越快,世界前进得也越快. 如今,阻碍科学向前发展的,有两大关键问题:. 成果发表滞后:从论文完成到论文发表,平均需要 12 个月. 发表形式单一:科学家只通过一种方式交流思想:学术论文.


- - 虎嗅网
作者:李志刚,头图来自:视觉中国. 随着用户、数据和支付的统一,未来的创业趋势,将是围绕一群有共同属性的用户,提供全方位的产品和服务. 接下来的三五年,中国互联网的未来在哪里. 就在昨天,2018年10月23日,马化腾在知乎上提了一个问题: “未来十年哪些基础科学突破会影响互联网科技产业. 产业互联网和消费互联网融合创新,会带来哪些改变.

技术分析:苹果之后 HTML5将改变移动互联网

- Lamo - 互联网的那点事
乔布斯离开了,创新和变革的脚步却不会因为乔帮主的离开而停下,下一个给移动互联网世界带来重大变革的可能就是HTML5. 众所周知,苹果一直站在与Flash做斗争的最前沿,杜绝Flash出现在iPhone和iPad上,声称Flash技术太过陈旧,影响设备的应用体验. 之后,苹果找到了可以替代Flash的革命性技术——HTML5,并且种种迹象表明苹果将大力推广HTML5.


- - 行业资讯
   硅谷风投公司AndreessenHorowitz负责人马克-安德森(TechWeb配图).   北京时间4月22消息,据国外媒体报道,美国《福布斯》杂志网络版近日发表了署名为安东尼-维格-科斯纳(AnthonyWingKosner)的文章,该文章指出互联网传奇人物马克-安德森(MarcAndreessen)的思想总是非常超前和正确.


- - 钛媒体网
钛媒体注:近日, 华为集团总裁 任正非,发表了针对2013年度干部工作会议的讲话,原标题是《用乌龟精神,追上龙飞船----任总在公司2013年度干部工作会议的讲话》,全文也被刊登在了华为内部论坛“心声社区”. 据内部员工评价,此次讲话是任正非第一次如此正式并详细地谈到互联网. 1、华为就是一只大乌龟,二十五年来,爬呀爬,全然没看见路两旁的鲜花,忘了经济这二十多年来一直在爬坡,许多人都成了富裕的阶层,而我们还在持续艰苦奋斗.