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In our first installment of laptop health tips from the experts, we shared tips and tricks from computer repair shops around New York City on how to help your laptop live a little longer. Big ones that were repeated over and over by these service centers included not drinking any liquids near your computer (ever!) and not placing your laptop down on your bed, since that blocks your laptop's fans and puts your PC at risk of overheating.


Those tips were good, but we've got even more for you. We're back with nine additional tips that should make your laptop live just a little bit longer. Doing your research before buying and getting a quality machine is half the battle; the other half is taking care of your new purchase. These laptop health tips should help you do just that.


Once again, a big thank you to the following New York-area laptop repair companies: Dr. Brendan's Mac Repair, The How Lounge, Hi-Tech Electronics, Laptop MD, The Little Laptop Shop and Repair on 6th. Many of their websites have more tips for computer care, so be sure to check them out.

再次感谢以下这些纽约地区的笔记本电脑维修公司:Dr. Brendan's Mac Repair, The How Lounge, Hi-Tech Electronics, Laptop MD, The Little Laptop Shop 和 Repair on 6th其中很多的网站上还有更多关于笔记本保养的小诀窍,很值得你一看哦。

Power Down Before You Move Around


It's tempting to just pick up your laptop and move from place to place with it, but this might not be such a good idea. Computer hard drives contain high-speed spinning motors. Shake them the wrong way and they could have a "head crash," a total wipeout that you don't want. Power down before you move around to be extra careful.




Buy A Laptop Case Or Sleeve


Laptop cases and sleeves are pretty cheap, and they could be the difference between life and death if your laptop hits the ground. Sleeves and cases can reduce the damage from falls by absorbing the impact if the notebook gets dropped. When you place your laptop in your bag, a case or a sleeve can also reduce the chances of scratches or any stray foreign materials or liquids getting in there when you're toting it around.




Don't Shut Down Your Laptop 10 Times A Day


Just like you shouldn't leave your laptop on and plugged-in at all times (from our last slideshow), you shouldn't be constantly shutting down and booting up your laptop. If you go out for 10 minutes and you know you'll be back, just leave your laptop on. This can greatly increase the lifespan of your product. Every time you shut down and start back up your laptop, it wears down your computer's insides just a little bit more. Instead, give your computer a rest by letting it run for awhile.




Don't Keep Your Computer On The Floor


No matter how spic and span you keep your floors at home, there are still bound to be tiny particles down there that can get into your laptop's gears and mess things up. With all the dust and dirt that accumulates there, if you place your laptop on the ground, you're just asking for a clogged fan, which could shut down your computer's cooling system and severely damage your hardware.




Keep Your Hairy Pets Away


Just like you don't want to rest your computer on your bed or on your floor, you also want to keep that thing away from Fido. Pet hair and dander can wreak serious havoc with your fans and cooling systems and cause overheating. Letting your kitten sleep on top of your keyboard might make for a cute photo op (see slide 3), but in the long run, it's doing some damage to your hardware.




No Laptops In The Loo


Listening to tunes in the bathroom while showering? Not the greatest idea. High humidity causes condensation buildup in electronic devices, and temperatures above 98 degrees can really stress out the cooling system. Couple the two, and your device just might be dead the next time you step out of the tub.




Don't Smoke And Surf


These laptop techs really don't want you to clog up your fan: Along with not using your laptop on your bed, or on the floor, or near your pet, they also advise not to smoke cigarettes (or anything else) while using your computer. The smoke released by cigarettes, with all of the other substances and chemicals within, can get into your laptop's insides and slow it down over time, and it can also turn your keyboard yellow. Yuck.




Don't Fill Up Your Hard Drive


Gluttony is a sin for a reason: If your hard drive gets too full, it will stop working. If it is more that 80 percent full, it is time to get rid of some stuff you don't need, upgrade to a larger drive, or put some of your larger files either on an external drive or in a cloud-based storage service




Back Up Your Files


Finally, every single laptop repair shop we talked to ended with this advice: Please, please, PLEASE back up your files. It's not a laptop health tip, per se, but it is a sanity tip: When (not if) your laptop dies, you're going to want to have a backup of all your documents, pictures, music and anything else you find important. Having a backup is going to make everyone's lives much easier.




Buy an external hard drive (you can get one that should be large enough for all your needs for about $60) and either use the Time Machine feature on your Mac (tutorial here) or the Backup and Restore feature on the Control Panel in Windows (overview here) to get your entire system on a drive before that computer crash you swore would never happen to you. Both Time Machine and Backup and Restore require you to do nothing but plug a hard drive in to your laptop and press a few buttons; they do all the work for you. It's incredibly easy and will save you a headache down the road. Run a scheduled backup every two weeks or so.

买一个外置硬盘(60美元就能买到一个内容量大得可以满足你需求的了)你也可以在Mac上用Time Machine功能或是Windows控制面板中的备份和储存功能将你的整个系统备份到硬盘上。这样可以免去日后很多烦恼。无论是以上哪一个功能,都只需你将硬盘插入电脑,再按几个按钮就好;它们会自动为你完成工作。这实在是非常的简单,也确能帮你排忧解难。大概每两周这样对电脑进行一次备份为宜。

You can also use web-based backup services like Mozy, Carbonite, Dropbox or Google Docs (not just for documents!) to store your stuff in the cloud.

你也可以使用诸如Mozy,Carbonite,Dropbox,或是Google Docs这些基于网络的备份服务(不止是备份文件而已!)将你的东西通过云服务储存。

Whatever you do, please, for your sake, make time to back up periodically anything you don't want to lose.


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In our first installment of laptop health tips from the experts, we shared tips and tricks from computer repair shops around New York City on how to help your laptop live a little longer.


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